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encouraged to use mass transit and you are looking live at the scene. repairs are underway. you can take mlk or franklin street as an alternate. linda so will bring you a live report on when the repairs will be finished coming up in few minutes. more problems on 695 where there's crash blocking two lanes at the inner loop at peninsula expressway. and here's what the west side looks like at old court road. all is clear here traffic picking up in the outer loop but nothing of significance. that's a look at your abc timesaver traffic over to you. >>> back to the breaking news out of toronto canada we brought you on abc2news.com and this morning at 4:30. we are expecting to learn more about a shooting that left two dead and 19 others injured. about three hours ago. the press conference will be in three hours. that's when the police will address the media. now here's what we know so far this morning. two people killed were a teenage girl and a 20-year-old man. they were hit when gunfire erupted at crowded block party on the city's east side in toronto. >> it was an altercation that took place wit
morning maryland." >> good tuesday morning thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. charley is out live. we have a lot going on. sherrie johnson is is going to tell butts heat -- is going to tell us about the heat wave and charley crowson with the story of how neighbors are helping with power outages. and we have your timesaver traffic if you are heading out of town. we will start things off with meteorologist mike masco and the story today the weather. >> yeah. the weather has been the big story for the last several days. we will look outside. beautiful shot looking downtown. we have the sun coming up towards the east. and usually it comes up from the east and will set from the south later tonight. 68 downtown. right now calm winds and look at the barometric pressure nice and steady. that will start to lower some as we head into tonight and that could trigger showers. storms 68 in town. 78 towards dc eastern shore numbers into the 60s a very beautiful morning. and look at humidity values or dew points what measures humidity on dryer side. 60 degree dew points is a bearable number. we w
for joining us. it's july 18th and if you look at the bottom of the screen you might do a triple take in the 80s this morning. let's get started with weather and people are wondering what can i do with the kid it's so hot. >> air conditioner good idea. the pool and kiddy pool is going to be be a hot day. you know when it hits 80 at 6 in the morning it will be a hot day. and that's going to be the case. look at temperatures across the area. we are starting out into the 80s and city points right now downtown where charley is 85 right now. let's look at heat indexes and again we will be talking about them running between 100 to 105 and for that reason an excessive heat advisory has been posted. let's look at the planner. this is how the day is shaping up. by the way we have a cold front well towards the north. that bust the heat by tomorrow afternoon. we will chop temperatures down from 10 degrees than what we will go to today. gusty showers and storms in the mix. 83 around 8. lunchtime is up to 93 degrees. it's a pair of 9s to close to 100 and a lot of those bank thermometers that make
like that downward spiral that we will see going through the next several days. the weekend is upon us. lots to do. i think you might like that weather especially as we go into sunday. all right. let's check of the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco good morning. >> reporter: good morning. tgif here we go. we are talking about an issue at bwi. if you are catching a early flight, be prepared aviation boulevard is being affected. police activity is on the scene for a crash and you see that listed. a good alternative 195 the better bet approaching the airport this morning. we have an issue 95 at excuse me towards pikesville of downed wires and as we slide into baltimore city still talking about the issues due to the sink hole issue and again monument street affecting parts of north glover street. use route 40 as an alternative route. and the tunnels this morning, they are going to be jammed. 895 northbound between exit 7 and 8 we have roadwork as you head into harbor tunnel. and as you head towards fort mchenry tunnel, expect a slow go into the toll plaza due to long-term construction
picture from downtown baltimore from on top federal hill. it's friday, the 13th. thanks for joining us. >> all right. lauren cook is here with the weather or traffic you are doing the weather. >> we could switch. >> lc. >> do that. >> i would like to see that. >> do it one day. >> we will have to. >> we will see how that works out. today i will do the weather for you and that was a beautiful shot on federal hill. we are dealing with clouds, baltimore is so beautiful. take advantage of today but you might need the rain gear. i will tell you why because maryland's most powerful radar dry. we see showers off towards the south and west. and that's the scenario basically all morning. so, be prepared for some of the moto work its way in here. i am hoping that it will fizzle out once it hits the mountains but some of it could hold together. if your travels take you into the wet weather this morning just be prepared for that because we are seeing heavier rains just to the south of clarksburg and north of beckly. that's what we are contending with this morning. we are dealing with some milder t
. and we have traffic. >> she is laughing at us. we discussed this, i didn't think you would do it. , i was told to wear red. >> i didn't get the member row. boy's club. >> and the man could. >> and the weather today. >> today will be a nice day today t feels good outside because we're not dealing with the humidity. i'm taking you outdoors it is gorgeous out there this morning. look at this sunrise and in laurel now. you can see the clouds, that will continue throughout the day t will be beautiful as high pressure builds in. and temperatures at 69 degrees. and denton 70. the winds will be out of the north at 5 to 10 miles an hour. the humidity levels will be low due to the frontal passage. we look at the radar as of now. we are nice and dry, we will city that way. ky hear mike talking about faux pas that's one of our terms though. we'll deal with that. the hour by hour forecast. and it will be a great day go to the cheese cake factory. looks good. eat outdoors and 4 p.m. that is coming in around 88 trees. >>> mike, you are talking about that, i heard you giggle. what? >> and faux pas is
the sun is -- the inner harbor. the sun is out already. a great day. thank you for joining us this morning. >> lauren cook is bus. lain et and megan -- with us. lynette and megan -- i didn't realize you guys the first time you've been back since tuesday. you came back and you were gone. >> we had a special handshake in the newsroom. hugged out and i heard about the fabulous vacation. >> with that one of the facebook viewers, mine, darrell robert jr. missed my singing. the reunited song? >> go for et. >> this is a special request for you darrell. ♪ reunited and it feels so good ♪ u like it? >> fearless. >> are you kidding me? a whole hour before "good morning america." >> making fun -- ♪ reunited and it feels so good ♪ >> you can sends the request in to facebook. >> let's talk about temperatures right now. because in darlington the temperature coming in right around 63-degrees, elkton at 65. starting out on the pleasant note because the humidity is on the low side this morning. so we look at maryland's most powerful radar and we are dry. we have all five sweeps on. we c
for joining us, i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. mike is in for lynette. last night pretty dangerous out there. that could be affecting traffic today. >>reporter: yes. a lot of flooding last night and still even this morning. i'll have more on that coming up in just a minute. >> let's talk about the flooding because already we have the flood watch in effect saying we have to watch today because any storm that does develop does have the potential of dumping copious amounts of rain. let's take a look outside, show you what's going on. it's a cloudy, gloomy, dark start in mount airy right now, temperatures that are into the 70s. so a flood watch for everybody, the entire state, get ready because more gusty storms will make their way across the area. and, again, these storms could drop a lot of rain. 73 in town right now, 76 degrees in d.c. we have 70s out over the eastern shoreline. the setup is going to be this stationary front right on top of us, and there's an area of low pressure that we're tracking at this hour that's going to run along it. again, that's going to be the focus of t
. they are expected to be okay. if you are using 95, here is what it looks like in to the city, 395, no delays whatsoever. that's the case if you are traveling southbound, down towards the dc area. as we pull up drive times, no concerns if you are using the jfx in to the city, 11 minutes southbound from the beltway, downtown to east fayette. the west side, disabled car on the beltway on the outer loop, route 40, a 12 minute ride. 795 towards 95, no concerns traveling the outer loop to 95, up to 83. the stretch will take you 11 minutes. >>> today dpwers will test the water mains that need repairs, linda so is live with how they could effect you. >> reporter: we are in arbutus, there could be a chance you could lose your water service for up to an hour. this as dpw workers work to repair the water main, they will be testing it, its a wa main that needs to be fixed in baltimore city. here are the areas, talking about wilkins to the north, 195, 895, west of cherry hill and carol park on the east. dpw workers will check problems with the water main, since everyone's water is connected, people in th
. i think that's what at will have you are wondering after yesterday. thank you for joining us on this thursday morning, i'm megan pringle. >> and i'm charlie crowson. mike masco with weather and lauren cook with the traffic. >> still dealing with the water main break causing problems in downtown so yeah. i'll have more on that in just a minute. >> you help everybody get through there. >> but mike another congresser out there right? >> 90s today but you ready for more storms? >> yes. if it cools everything down bring on the storms. >> how do you say that there's more storms coming. you might as well say hey -- >> the meteorological angel of death. >> the bearer of bad news. here's what's going on this morning. 77 in town. 77 over the eastern shore. numbers pretty uniformly into the 70s let's take it outside to bel air where we're current aat 75 degrees, that dew point still running really high at 71. so there's a decents amount of humidity still in the air. few clouds mixing it up over the skyline right now but again this pesky stationary front over the area that's separating c
on in baltimore county. megan pringle a live report coming up also this morning, if you use york road there could be some delays out there. after a water main break. finally fixed. those stories and much more coming up on this thursday, yum 5th. "good morning maryland," i'm charlie crowson. alongside mike masco. megan is on assignment and a pretty good chance the producer may separate you and me before the day is over. >> we are in so much trouble. >> separate corners sir. >> you won't have to deal with me anymore on monday. lauren cook is down in ocean city. >> where is she? show me. where is she? >> next to the garbage can waving, no, she's -- i'm hoping sleeping as she's enjoying a much deserved vacation. look at this shot. it is beautiful looking towards ocean city. now the sunshine is going to go to work today but the problem is that sunshine works against us with 83 right now. we're going to tack on several degrees and we're going to see a daytime high well into the upper 90s and perhaps maybe even touching upon 100 degrees. the excessive heat advisory in effect and a warning as you head to
to take us to 98 later today and for -- there's heat advisory because temperatures will be in the 90s pressing close to 100 this afternoon. by lunchtime 92. 98 and we will talk about gusty storms after the 4:00 hour coming up in bit. guys>>> mike thanks. this morning around 108,000 people are still without power. they are going on six days without electricity in hot humid conditions. linda so is live aras more crews arrive -- live as more crews arrive. >> reporter: contractors from all over started to arrive. you see the bus. they are coming in after a couple hours of sleep n background we have a lot of construction or utility workers getting ready for the day. they are getting their bags of ice and heading out to their work assignments. this is the command center for bge by bwi. this is where they report before the start of the day of work. crews from as far as california and canada and in fact we spoke with a contractor from california this morning. he got here on sunday and has been work nonstop. goat about 2 or 3 hours a sleep a night and one thing did he share with us, when they
on that on this tuesday morning. thanks for joining us i am megan prinkel. >> i am charley crowe -- pringle. >> i am charley crowson. the band is back. >> i know. >> nice to have you back. >> nice to see you guys. >> how is it looking. >> reporter: the srchg hole is causing probable -- sink hole is causing problems on monument street. how is the weather? >> humid. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> hot too. >> we need rain so we do have some thunderstorms popping up on maryland's most powerful radar as of now. you can see down by ocean city some big thunderstorms across that area. so, traveling that way be prepared for that this morning. and some of that could get into our neck of the woods as we go a little more into the afternoon time frame. around salisbury we are seeing that and more sliding across the bay around snow hill and nasty thunderstorms across that area. that will be the trend this morning. ocean city i take you outside and you can see the big toweringthunderstorm clouds and we see a little light of day but that is nice shot in ocean city. but lots of rainfalling and lots of thunderstorms. here's th
. >>> the weather is a big story on this monday morning, thank you for joining us, hope you had a great weekend. >> back outside now, lynette charles is outside in the soupy weather. you said this was going to create bad hair days all around. it's absolutely miserable. we will be dealing with the humid conditions through the next several days. today, what we have on tap welcomes the heat and humidity, a heat advisory this morning, let's get to it. we can see that a heat vivary is in effect for the areas shaded in the orange color. baltimore county is in that until 8:00 this evening and most likely extended in to tomorrow and maybe the day after that. as we look at what is going on, on maryland's most powerful radar. we are dry, we had a few scattered showers and storms that rolled through last night. we will kick off more showers and storms as we go throughout the day. be prepared for that. that is possible. look at the forecast trend, we see it going up but a nice drop through time. temperatures coming down to seasonable levels as we head in to thursday, friday and the weekend. i will talk abo
us, i'm megan pringle, charley crowson out live this morning at a bte call center and also ahead sherrie johnson live downtown to tell us what we can expect with this year's african- american festival but first the weather and meteorologist mike masco. >> sherrie johnson has quite a hat on. here's what's going on 78 in town, this is a very hot day shaping up. it already feels like 82 in the city. already feels like 86 in dc and we have that code red alert today. going into tomorrow, it gets expanded into sunday as well. excessive heat advisory and watches there place for today and tomorrow. we're up to 86 in the lunch hour going for 100 degrees, we'll have a details on tomorrow's major heat coming up in just a little bit. let's get a check on your time saver traffic. and we do have reports of debris in the roadway, somebody dropped a ladder 95 northbound at 695 that may tie up the north side of 695 may be tied up on the north side of the city, it's said to be a ladder that fell off a truck. outside we go 895 a o don street, looking pretty good on 895. let's look at drive times, 9
it might be someone you know and you can hear us, check it out before you begin the day. for now weather is the big story this morning. >> it's a big story. seeing the rain coming down. that's going to tie up the issue with the commute and you will be next and i am sure you have problems. let's show you what's going on outside and yeah, it's a very wet commute. 73 in town. humidity way up there and visibility reduced with low clouds across the area. bands and heavy steady rains. be over the eastern shore over the next 25 minutes or so. white marsh along 695 seeing steady heavy rains. nice pocket coming in cockeysville jumping over 8 3. be aware of your morning commute tripping you up. give it plenty extra time this morning. 73 in town. 75dc but the good news is dew points are starting to come down. wilmington at 64. drier cool are air coming in. 87 today. showers and possibility of storms this afternoon. we will talk about that coming up in just a little bit. let's check the morning commute lauren cook in the traffic center. >> reporter: all of the rain all the thunderstorms are leading
time after more than 30 years of protecting us in maryland. yesterday, this was a memorial good-bye present, he got to throw out the first pitch for the o's game. the o's beat the a's 6-1. fred is stepping down after 30 years of service. beginning today, you will see changes to the roads in downtown baltimore, not talking about water mains or sink holes, it's construction. getting ready for the grand prix race. linda so is live downtown with more on how this could be affecting everyone's commute today. >> reporter: today you are not going to really see it. today they are going to talk to us about what will be happening over the months. over the next few weeks, you will see it. race organizers say the work will be done at night. again, later this morning, at 11:00, organizers will meet at the inner harbor to tell us about what will be happening. putting down the fist ceremonial jersey barrier to mark the start of construction on the racetrack. most of the construction will happen in the final three weeks leading up to the race on labor day weekend. you will see jersey barriers an
. ingredients for life. >>> rachel with bge is with us on good morning maryland continuing with the outages. you had 12,000 overnight. >> we did. the storms took out another st thousand customers. we had over 600,000 customers that have been affected. 62% of customers, 400,000 customers restored. if new the 250 that we are working to restore, rest assure, we are working as quickly as possible. >> keeping customers safe and happy, especially with oppressive heat, that's got to be top priority. were you caught off guard when it hit? >> bge did proactively increase our resources friday night to prepare for potential weather. utilities across the mid atlantic were caught off guard by the severity. because we have strong storm planning and summer storm plannings in place, we were able to mobilize quickly. we have 1200 out of state utility workers here today or they started working yesterday to supplement our crews. >> the mayor is pushing utilities to do better this came from a press report from sunday afternoon saying restoring powerpy friday was too long, needs to be done quicker, how has bge stay
's looking at the beautiful shot. 695 showing us all clear and we will be talking more about the traffic and your weather together that's in less than ten minutes now onto you. >>> it's supposed to be a night of fun and celebration for fans of the film series batman. a big premier 12:01 friday night. many people thought what they saw was all part of the show in colorado. it was not the case as a gunman kills 12. let's go to colorado for the latest on this investigation. renee. >> reporter: well, the suspect is not cooperating with police. he is lawyered up and not answering questions. that's coming from the police chief in aurora, colorado. this hearing that will happen today, we are expecting it will be brief but it's the first time we see and hear from the suspected shooter. >> matt mcquinn. makalea medics. ver onicca oiz. >> reporter: one by one a city mourner promising never to forget those who died ann an emotional vigil. the community came together to grieve. >> tonight we reach out to each other and love each other and love our neighbors. >> reporter: president obama offered condo
is here with us. >> talking back to school already, that's insane. target is wall to wall with notebooks and binders. >> it's july 24th. >>> it makes me nervous. i'm not in school. i've been out of school, four or five years. five years. >> that's it? >> i'm a youngen. >> got to do the weather. >> we are humid out there, we are warm. satellite and radar picking up on not a lot this morning, we could have a little bit of change in the forecast in to the afternoon. enjoy the dry weather if that's what you like. temperature coming in at 74 degrees in buoy, 73 columbia. 76 centerville. a breezy day with the winds out of the west as we go in to the afternoon. look at the roller coaster ride we will be on as we go through the next several days. today 94. tomorrow dipping down to 88. we will be 91 on thursday and friday. from there, temperatures will go back down. the humidity will try to get out of here. the humidity, not such a good thing. now a check of the time saver traffic with mike masco. >>> good morning. good morning, everybody. we have an issue we have to bring your attention to. mi
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Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)